ADR Lunchtime Series - SNAP Into It! How to Experience Conflict Mindfully

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ADR Lunchtime Series: SNAP Into It! How to Experience Conflict Mindfully

ADR Lunchtime Series

Guest Speaker: Phillis Morgan, Esq. Founder, Resilient at Work

For many people mindfulness practice is seen as something abstract and fanciful with little real world application or use. Mindfulness, however, is not something to be left “on the cushion.” Rather, it is an incredibly powerful tool we can bring into our daily lives to help with the challenges we are experiencing here and now. For example, as the storm clouds of conflict gather, we can use specific mindfulness techniques - in the moment - to help us respond with greater clarity, wisdom, and calm, instead of responding from an automatic, unthinking state. In this highly interactive session, Professor Phillis Morgan, J.D., will introduce a practical mindfulness method – SNAP BCtm - which she has distilled from centuries of mindfulness practices. Practitioners will work with tools that help increase an individuals' capacity to see and interrupt unhelpful, automatic behaviors in dealing with conflict, and respond with greater compassion and resilience.