ADR Lunchtime Series - Resilience and Wellbeing for Conflict Resolvers

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ADR September 20, 2016

"Resilience and Wellbeing for Conflict Resolvers"

“Being resilient” means that a person can bounce back from failures, overcome setbacks, and adapt to changing circumstances.  Resilience is the ability to return to a state of strength, health, and success quickly after adversity, disappointment, or loss. 

We live in a time of complexity, rapid change, and ongoing threats to safety.  Constant stress is the new normal.  As conflict resolvers, every day, we help people with problems, conflicts, difficulties, and confusion.  The conflict resolver’s wellbeing and resilience have an impact on the quality of their work.

This experiential and interactive presentation will introduce factors to help sustain health and wellbeing.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice skills for hard-wiring resilience into their practice as well as fostering resilience for their clients.

Speaker:   Sarah R. Kith, MSOD, CO-OP® and ADR Practitioner