ADR Lunchtime Program: Conflict Resolution Day - Civility in the Workplace

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ADR Conflict Resolution: Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall
ADR Conflict Resolution Day: Guest Speaker, Daniel Buccino

Incivility in the workplace adversely affects our sense of well-being and our ability to accomplish our mission:  incivility is associated with stress, absenteeism, decreased productivity, staff turnover, and increased health costs.  This presentation and discussion will (1) review centuries of interest in civility as well as persistent complaints about uncivil “others” at home, at work, on the roads, and on the internet and (2) reinforce the power of civility to help us navigate our lives together in the workplace, the community, and the city.  The discussion will offer simple strategies for how to reclaim civility as something that is good for you, is good for others, and can be a useful strategy in preventing and managing conflict in the workplace.