DistribuTECH Conference
Tuesday-Thursday, March 23-25, 2010
Tampa Convention Center
Booth #231
Tampa, FL

Join the Department of Energy and its industry partners as they showcase six new products and technologies designed to secure the nation’s energy infrastructure from cyber attack on Tuesday through Thursday, March 23–25.  Visit Booth #231 at the DistribuTECH 2010 Conference & Exhibition in Tampa, FL, to see first-hand demonstrations of several newly commercialized control systems security products—each developed through a unique partnership between DOE and industry leaders in the private sector.

The exhibition booth is the first of its kind for the Cyber Security for Energy Delivery Systems Program, which supports national laboratories, academia, and industry in groundbreaking Research and Development (R&D) to advance the cyber security of energy control systems. In October 2007, DOE released a competitive Financial Assistance Award to five R&D projects, led by industry, aimed at moving new technologies closer to commercialization.  Vendors and researchers will demonstrate several products at DistribuTECH that are a result of these cost-shared partnership efforts.

Industry leaders worked closely with national laboratories in the National SCADA Test Bed and other private-sector partners to develop, test, and gather end-user input for nearly every product and technology that will be demonstrated.  Learn more about the exhibition booth’s demonstrations by reading the fact sheets below:

Cyber Security Audit and Attack Detection Toolkit—Bandolier & Portaledge 
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The Cyber Security Audit and Attack Detection Toolkit project developed two commercial solutions—Bandolier and Portaledge. The Bandolier Audit Files enable energy sector asset owners to optimize their security configurations and the Portaledge event detection capability adds control systems security monitoring to OSIsoft’s PI Server. These security solutions are currently available to www.digitalbond.com subscribers. The project is led by Digital Bond, in partnership with OSIsoft, Tenable Network Security, PacifiCorp, and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Hallmark Cryptographic Serial Communication
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The Hallmark project created a cryptographic card and link module integrating the Secure SCADA Communications Protocol to provide secure serial communications for existing and new energy control systems. The protocol marks original SCADA messages with a unique identifier, which the receiving device scans and validates to ensure the message has not been altered in transit. The project is led by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), in partnership with the NSTB’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and CenterPoint Energy.

Lemnos Interoperable Security
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The Lemnos Interoperable Security Program focused on developing a capability based on open-source specifications that enables secured interoperability among energy control systems devices.  This interoperable capability was also demonstrated in a vendor product by SEL, a project partner. At DistribuTECH, vendors who have developed security products against the Lemnos interoperable configuration profiles, including SEL, will demonstrate their product interoperability. The project is led by EnerNex, in partnership with the NSTB’s Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), SEL, and TVA.

Integrated Security System (ISS)
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ISS is a security platform providing multi-layer intrusion detection and security management to enable energy asset owners to design a secure, networked control systems architecture. The project is led by Siemens Corporate Research in partnership with Rutgers University, Siemens Energy, and the NSTB’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Detection and Analysis of Threats to the Energy Sector (DATES)
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The DATES project is developing a security monitoring capability featuring multiple detection algorithms and cross-domain event detection for defense against cyber attacks on energy control systems.  The DATES project is led by SRI International in partnership with ArcSight, the NSTB’s SNL, and Invensys.

Trust Anchor Lifecycle Attack Protection
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The project, Protecting Process Control Systems Against Lifecycle Attacks Using Trust Anchors, is developing cryptographically secure software to provide independent testing, monitoring, and control of energy control system component operation. The project is led by the NSTB’s SNL.

To learn more, please visit the DOE Cyber Security for Energy Delivery Systems Program.