Pursuant to Section 1222 of EPAct (42 U.S.C. 16421), the Secretary of Energy, acting through the Southwestern Power Administration (Southwestern) or the Western Area Power Administration (Western), has the authority to design, develop, construct, operate, own, or participate with other entities in designing, developing, constructing, operating, maintaining, or owning two types of projects: (1) Electric power transmission facilities and related facilities needed to upgrade existing transmission facilities owned  by Southwestern or Western (42 U.S.C 16421(a)), or (2) New electric power transmission facilities and related facilities located within any State in which Southwestern or Western operates (42 U.S.C. 16421(b)).  In carrying out either type of Project, the Secretary may accept and use funds contributed by another entity for the purpose of executing the Project (42 U.S.C 16421 (c)). 

If you have questions about Section 1222, please contact Chris Lawrence at christopher.lawrence@hq.doe.gov.

Proposals Delegated for Review in the Office of Electricity