OE Divisions

The Office of Electricity’s (OE) three divisions – Advanced Grid Research and Development, Energy Resilience and Grid Operations Technology – work closely with the private and public sectors to ensure the nation’s critical energy infrastructure is secure and able to recover rapidly from disruptions. By investing in advanced technology solutions and analyzing policies, laws, regulations and trends, the three divisions support OE’s mission of ensuring a secure, resilient flow of power to the nation.

Advanced Grid Research and Development

OE’s Advanced Grid Research and Development Division invests in next-generation technologies and tools that will improve the security and resilience of the nation’s critical energy infrastructure. Learn more about Advanced Grid Research and Development.

Energy Resilience

OE’s Energy Resilience Division executes energy assurance technical assistance by partnering with key Federal, state, and industry stakeholders to identify critical energy enablers that support Defense Critical Electric Infrastructure DCEI), implement integrated risk management processes, and facilitate investments to mitigate energy-related threats and future vulnerabilities.

Grid Operations Technology

OE’s Grid Operations Technology Division engineers end-to-end systems for grid modeling, operations, security, measurement, and synchronization at scale. These systems will support the development, maintenance, and operation of the North American Energy Resilience Model (NAERM), evaluate network dependencies/interdependencies, and support precision timing.