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OE Mission

A secure and resilient power grid is vital to national security, economic security, and the services Americans rely upon. Working closely with its private and public partners, the Office of Electricity leads the Department’s efforts to ensure the nation’s most critical energy infrastructure is secure and able to recover rapidly from disruptions.

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Our Vision
OE will harness innovation for a stronger, more reliable North American energy system and a path forward to energy independence.
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OE Priorities
The Office of Electricity’s (OE) mission of security and resilience is reflected in its four priorities.
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OE Divisions
OE’s divisions work closely with the private and public sectors to ensure the nation’s critical energy infrastructure is secure and resilient.
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Power Marketing Administrations
Lists links to the four Power Administrations: Bonneville (BPA), Southeastern (SEPA), Southwestern (SWPA), & Western Area (WAPA)
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