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Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative

The Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC) was initiated by a coalition of regional Planning Authorities. These Planning Authorities are entities listed on the NERC compliance registry as Planning Authorities and represent the entire Eastern Interconnection. The EIPC was founded to be a broad-based, transparent collaborative process among all interested stakeholders:

  • State and Federal policy makers
  • Consumer and environmental interests
  • Transmission Planning Authorities
  • Market participants generating, transmitting or consuming electricity within the Eastern Interconnection.

The EIPC will provide a grass-roots approach which builds upon the regional expansion plans developed each year by regional stakeholders in collaboration with their respective NERC Planning Authorities. This approach will provide coordinated interregional analysis for the entire Eastern Interconnection guided by the consensus input of an open and transparent stakeholder process.

The EIPC represents a first-of-its-kind effort, to involve Planning Authorities in the Eastern Interconnection to model the impact on the grid of various policy options determined to be of interest by state, provincial and federal policy makers and other stakeholders. This work will build upon, rather than substitute for, the current local and regional transmission planning processes developed by the Planning Authorities and associated regional stakeholder groups within the entire Eastern Interconnection. Those processes will be informed by the EIPC analysis efforts including the interconnection-wide review of the existing regional plans and development of transmission options associated with the various policy options.


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