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GTT Distribution Workshop – September 24-26, 2012

On September 24-26, 2012, the GTT presented a workshop on grid integration on the distribution system at the Sheraton Crystal City near Washington, DC.

This technical workshop was the first in a series addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of 21st century energy technologies onto the electrical grid.

During the workshop, stakeholders discussed how specific technologies impact the distribution system as well as how those technologies can be successfully integrated together in a safe, cost-effective, and reliable manner. These technologies include:

  • Variable distributed generation
  • Dispatchable distributed generation
  • Electric vehicle charging and electrolyzers
  • Energy storage
  • Building and industrial loads and demand response
  • Smart grid sensing, automation, and microgrids

Informed efforts in technology development can overcome barriers to enabling the wide-scale deployment of new technologies on the distribution system while increasing safety and reliability of the grid and providing value to all stakeholders. The purpose of this workshop was to identify key R&D needs and opportunities in this space.

View or download the workshop documents.


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