Synchrophasor Technologies and their Deployment in the Recovery Act Smart Grid Programs (August 2013)

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided $4.5 billion for the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG), Smart Grid Demonstration Program (SGDP), and other DOE smart grid programs. These programs provided grants to the electric utility industry to deploy smart grid technologies to modernize the nation’s electric grid. As a part of these programs, independent system operators, regional transmission organizations, and electric utilities installed synchrophasor and supporting technologies and systems in their electric power transmission systems.

This report describes synchrophasor technologies, systems, and related software applications and basic aspects of the Recovery Act-funded projects that are deploying synchrophasor technologies and systems.

For more information about how funds from the Recovery Act are being put to work to improve safety, reliability, and service in systems across the country, visit OE's Recovery Act page.