‚ÄčThe 2017¬†Transmission Reliability Program Peer Review included 15 presentations on June 13, 2017, in Washington, DC.¬†Presentations are available through the links for each day. The agenda is included below.

June 13

Session I

  1. Real Time Applications Using Linear State Estimation Technology - Ken Martin, Electric Power Group, LLC
  2. Substation Secondary Asset Health Monitoring and Management System - Kevin Chen, Electric Power Group, LLC
  3. Operationalizing Synchrophasors for Enhanced Electric Grid Reliability and Asset Utilization - Chaitanya Baone - General Electric Company

Session II

  1. Advanced Synchrophasor Protocol (ASP) Development and Demonstration Project - Ritchie Carroll, Grid Protection Alliance
  2. Eastern Interconnection Situational Awareness Monitoring System (ESAMS) Prototype Demonstration Project - Joe Eto, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  3. Discovery Through Situational Awareness (DTSA) - Brett Amidan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  4. Update on PMU-related Standards Activities - Ken Martin, Electric Power Group

Session III

  1. Suite of Open-Source Applications & Models for Advanced Synchrophasor Analysis - Pavel Etingov, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  2. Advanced Machine Learning for Synchrophasor Technology - Michael Chertkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  3. HVDC & Load Modulation for Improved Dynamic Response Using Phasor Measurements - Jianming Lian, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  4. Powerline Conductor Accelerated Testing - Terry Jones, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Session IV

  1. Application of VARPRO Ambient Mode Estimation - Bernie Lesieutre, University of Wisconsin
  2. Wide-Area Damping Control Proof-of-Concept Demonstration - David Schoenwald, Sandia National Laboratories
  3. NERC-DOE Special Reliability Assessment: Oscillation Analysis - Mani Venkatasubramanian, Washington State University
  4. Measurement-Based Stability Assessment - Dan Trudnowski, Montana Tech