The Transmission Reliability Program Peer Review included 25 presentations over 2 days on June 10 - 11, 2015, in Washington, DC. Presentations are available through the links for each day. The agenda is included below.

Day 1: June 10
  • Session I
    1. Measurement-Based Stability Assessment, Dan Trudnowski, Montana Tech
    2. Application of VARPRO Ambient Mode Estimation, Bernie Lesieutre, U Wisconsin
    3. WSU Oscillation Project, Mani Venkatasubramanian, WSU
  • Session II
    1. Improved Oscillation Detection for Alarming and Daily Summary Reports, Jim Follum, PNNL
    2. Curated Power Grid Data Center for BPA, Mark Rice, PNNL
    3. DOE/NIST Collaboration, Paul Ewing, ORNL
    4. Impacts on Synchrophasor-based Applications, Yilu Liu, ORNL
  • Session III
    1. Measurement of Phasor-like Qualities, Harold Kirkham, PNNL
    2. Synchrophasor Standards Support and Development, Ken Martin, Electric Power Group
    3. Damping Inter-area Oscillations through Decoupled Modulation, Henry Huang, PNNL
    4. Wide-Area Damping Control, Dave Schoenwald, Sandia
  • Session IV
    1. Using Industrial Loads for Provisioning Ancillary Services, Anna Shipley, ORNL
    2. Distributed Smart Grid Asset Control Strategies for Providing Ancillary Services, Jianming Lian, PNNL
    3. End-to-end Testing of Commercial Building End Uses for Regulation, Duncan Callaway, LBNL
Day 2: June 11
  • Session V
    1. Pre- and Post-Disturbance Grid Reliability Monitoring, Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia and Pete Sauer, U Illinois
    2. NERC Load-Generating Reserves Reliability Control Standards, Carlos Martinez, ASR, Inc.
    3. Reliability Standards Analysis and Performance Assessment, Song Xue, Electric Power Group
  • Session VI
    1. Frequency Response Analysis Tool, Pavel Etingov, PNNL
    2. FIDVR Load Modeling Tool, Pavel Etingov, PNNL
    3. Synchrophasor System Data Baselining and Analysis, Bharat Bhargava, Electric Power Group
    4. Baseline Studies and Analysis, Brett Amidan, PNNL
  • Session VII
    1. Continuous Data-driven Model Development, Mark Buckner, ORNL
    2. Multi-terminal HVdc, Harold Kirkham, PNNL
    3. PCAT Baseline O&M, Phil Irminger, ORNL
  • Session VIII
    1. Distribution PMU Scoping, Joe Eto, LBNL