The Transmission Reliability Program Peer Review included 20 presentations over 2 days on June 3 - 4, 2014 in Washington, DC. Presentations are available through the links. The agenda is included below.

Day 1: June 3
  • Session I
    1. Synchrophasor Standards Support and Development, Allen Goldstein, NIST
    2. Advanced Synchrophasor Metrology, Paul Ewing, ORNL
    3. Technology Assessment for Next Generation PMU, Mark Buchner, ORNL
  • Session II
    1. Model Validation Project, Bernie Lesieutre, U Wisconsin
    2. WECC Frequency Response Tool, Pavel Etingov, PNNL
    3. Analysis of Emerging Multi-Terminal HVDC, Harold Kirkham, PNNL
  • Session III
    1. Measurement-Based Stability Assessment, John Pierre, U Montana
    2. Development and Testing Oscillation Management System, Mani Venkatasubramanian, WSU
    3. Spectral Analysis of Power Grid PMU Data, Frank Tuffner, PNNL
    4. DSI Toolbox Capabilities Update, Frank Tuffner, PNNL
  • Session IV
    1. ARR Research & Implementation, Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia and Pete Sauer, U Illinois
    2. ARR Research & Implementation, Carlos Martinez, ASR, Inc.
    3. Reliability Standards Analysis and Assessment, Song Xue, Electric Power Group
Day 2: June 4
  • Session V
    1. Synchrophasor Data Validation, Simon Mo, Electric Power Group
    2. Synchrophasor Data Conditioning and Validation, Jim Thorp, VA Tech
    3. Voltage Stability, Scott Ghiocel, RPI
    4. BPA Wide-Area Damping Control, Dave Schoenwald, Sandia
  • Session VI
    1. Baselining Studies and Analysis, Bharat Bhargava, Electric Power Group
    2. Baselining Studies and Analysis, Brett Amidan, PNNL
    3. Powerline Conductor Accelerated Testing, Philip Irminger, ORNL