The electric power industry expects a 400% growth in annual sales of plug-in electric vehicles by 2023, which may substantially increase electricity usage and peak demand in high adoption areas. Understanding customer charging patterns can help utilities anticipate future infrastructure changes that will be needed to handle large vehicle charging loads. Under OE's Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) program, six utilities evaluated operations and customer charging behaviors for in-home and public electric vehicle charging stations.

The utilities evaluated the technical performance of the charging systems, the potential grid impacts of charging during peak periods, and the potential need for distribution system upgrades and capacity additions to meet expected electricity demand growth from rising adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. The projects also studied When consumers want to recharge vehicles, and to what extent pricing and incentives can encourage consumers to charge during off-peak periods. The six SGIG projects evaluated more than 270 public charging stations in parking lots and garages and more than 700 residential charging units in customers’ homes.

The full report is now available for downloading.