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The Department of Energy (DOE) is recruiting for the position of Administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration. DOE is conducting an open, fair, and transparent process in accordance with all applicable federal laws and regulations.  

The competitively-selected candidate will be the leader of a Federal power marketing administration that: generates $4 billion annually, provides roughly 27% of the electric power generated in the Northwestern United States, and provides 75% of the high voltage transmission in the region. They will be responsible for collaborating with Federal, State, and Tribal fishery managers in implementing the largest fish and wildlife mitigation programs in the nation. The candidate will be a catalyst for implementing and using new concepts in electric power generation, project development, transmission planning and operations, and conservation. They will also represent the interests of the organization and region in broad policy establishment at the national level with officials of the Department of Energy, other Departments, and Congressional stakeholders concerning power resource development, interregional power coordination, transmission planning and operations, protection and mitigation of fish and wildlife and new or modified legislation for the industry.

DOE is determined to recruit the most qualified candidate for this position. In order to reach the greatest number of potential candidates, DOE posted a USAJobs posting on September 29, 2020.  In addition to the USAJobs posting, DOE posted a concurrent Expression of Interest (EOI) to current DOE Senior Executive Service (SES) appointees, sent a notification through the Senior Executives Association (SEA), and notified the Pacific Northwest Congressional Delegation and other regional stakeholders that the position is open.

In accordance with all applicable federal laws and regulations, DOE is not soliciting or accepting specific names or recommendations for this position. All interested stakeholders are asked to share the vacancy announcement with their networks, and all interested candidates are encouraged to apply through the EOI or USAJobs posting. The Secretary will appoint the best qualified candidate for the position.

The EOI will remain open until October 12, 2020, and the USAJobs posting will remain open until October 19, 2020. Interested and qualified parties can access this notice and apply for the position. Please contact Beth Crowe with any questions at or (630) 252-2795.