OCED released a new $50 million funding opportunity to help the U.S. develop more reliable, resilient, and cost-effective energy systems to better support our rapidly changing electric grid and the growth of electric vehicles (EV), energy storage, and the electrification of buildings and industry. Distributed energy systems encompass not only distributed energy production such as rooftop or community solar and distributed wind, but also the flexible management of those sources and energy use by buildings, EV charging, heat pumps and other drivers of electric demand. By scaling distributed energy systems, we can more effectively deliver and use clean, reliable power for more communities, reducing electric losses along transmission and distribution lines, and increasing grid resiliency. As more sectors turn to electrification to decarbonize, the ability to manage a more diverse set of grid assets will add much needed energy resilience in a time of increasing grid strain and disruptions due to severe weather events caused by climate change. 

OCED will provide up to 50 percent of the cost share for 2-4 utility and/or private sector led projects to demonstrate the reliable operation and financial value of connected energy systems with high levels of renewable generation and a variety of connected energy assets. 

Concept papers are due by November 16, 2023, at 5 p.m., ET.  

Visit the Distributed Energy Systems Demonstrations Program to learn more.