Tech Transfer in the Nuclear Security Enterprise

The expansive scope of research and development activities across the Nuclear Security Enterprise results in numerous innovative technologies that support national security missions, while also having the potential to benefit people’s everyday lives. These technologies are “transferred” through a dynamic process of evaluation and analysis, patent protection and licensing, and cooperation with commercialization partners.

Technology transfer brings knowledge, intellectual property, and capabilities developed within NNSA to other Federal agencies, private industry, academia, and state or local governments. The Nuclear Security Enterprise accounts for the largest accumulation of patents that have been issued to the federal government in our Nation. To use these technologies to their maximum potential, NNSA's Office of Strategic Partnership Programs leads technology transfer efforts through strategic goals:

  • Technology development, commercialization, and maturation
  • Workforce development, recruitment, and retention
  • Policy, Evaluation, and Economic development
  • Outreach and visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Protection of American technologies

The agency facilitates the maturation of its technologies that are not yet ready for commercialization, and collaborates with other agencies to propose legislation that provides an easier path for commercialization.

NNSA and its national laboratories, plants, and sites are mandated under the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980, the United States Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986, and the Bayh-Dole Act to participate and budget for technology transfer activities.

Tech transfer highlights

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Sandia National Laboratories created over $95 billion of economic impact through technology transfer.


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