Cover images from the NNSA Strategic Vision document

Our country faces a rapidly evolving nuclear security environment that brings new challenges to our mission and to our Nation’s security. The successful history and current strength and diversity of our enterprise allows us to bring broad knowledge, experience, and expertise to these challenges. Our fundamental mission is enduring but dynamic, and our vision guides us as we implement it. The Nuclear Security Enterprise must, and will, adapt to evolving risks. Strengthening partnerships and adopting a renewed sense of urgency across the enterprise will be critical to this effort.

To realize our vision, NNSA will work with the laboratories, plants, and sites to develop and deliver the innovative solutions needed not only to advance our Nation’s security but to anticipate future risks. We will do so in an integrated way that positions us to adapt promptly to evolving demands, geopolitical change, and technological advancement. While nuclear security will remain the foundation of this vision, we must also stand ready to support other national security imperatives, including efforts to develop clean energy, mitigate climate change, and protect against cyber, space, biological, and chemical threats.