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The NNSA Administrator recently joined safety professionals from across the Nuclear Security Enterprise in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to discuss the agency’s new Safety Roadmap.

“This roadmap demonstrates how we can use data to gain efficiencies in safety oversight, take a corporate approach to safety reviews, and monitor and assess safety programs,” said Administrator Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, who also serves as DOE’s Under Secretary for Nuclear Security. “We need collaboration across the enterprise to achieve this new vision.”

NNSA oversees a vast and complex enterprise with over 44,000 federal and contractor employees.  More than 50 percent of facilities are at least 40 years old;

30 percent of facilities date back to the early Cold War era.  

NNSA’s national security missions depend upon safe operations and effective infrastructure.  The new roadmap outlines a redesigned oversight system, including specific milestones for implementation and measures of effectiveness. 

The roadmap will enhance safety oversight with the following initiatives:

  • A safety analytics, forecasting, and evaluation system
  • Technical qualifications for Federal staff
  • Easy-to-understand visuals that convey safety and health program status to all stakeholders
  • Summaries of safety risks to help program and field office leadership make informed decisions

“Many safety professionals are retiring and exiting the workforce,” said James McConnell, NNSA’s Associate Administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations. “The roadmap will help transfer knowledge from our experienced team members to the next generation of safety professionals as we modernize the complex.”