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Researchers from NNSA labs receive Ernest Orlando Lawrence Awards

May 26, 2015

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Three researchers from NNSA labs were among the nine exceptional U.S. scientists and engineers honored with the 2014 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award. The awards recognize mid-career scientists and engineers in the United States who have advanced new research and scientific discovery in the chemical, biological, environmental and computer sciences; condensed matter and materials; fusion and plasma sciences; high energy and nuclear physics; and national security and nonproliferation.

  • Pavel Bochev, Sandia National Laboratories, is honored for his pioneering theoretical and practical advances in numerical methods for partial differential equations which includes the invention of new algorithms, the rigorous mathematical analysis of algorithms and of the mathematical models to which they apply.

  • Eric E. Dors, Los Alamos National Laboratory, is honored for his development of a new generation of exo-atmospheric radiation sensors used to fulfill a critical mission need for satellite-based nuclear explosion monitoring crucial to DOE's nonproliferation mission of global nuclear detonation monitoring and verification of the Limited Test Ban Treaty.

  • Christopher L. Fryer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, is honored for his major advances addressing fundamental questions in astrophysics, computational multiphysics, and high-energy density science, and more specifically, for supernova core collapse work using 3-dimensional modeling assimilation to model, explain, and predict astrophysical observations (e.g. from NASA’s Swift mission) and phenomena. 

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