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Electronic Derivative Classifier Reviewing Officer System Team
Members of the Highly Efficient Reliable Operations Tool Team

Over 200 employees from the Pantex Plant and Y-12 National Security Complex received recognition recently for their exceptional contributions in support of NNSA’s weapons programs.

“The work that underpins the stockpile is complex and challenging,” said Phil Calbos, Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs. “These awards recognize the most exceptional of those efforts, and it is important to take time to honor those involved.  Our superb people are at the core of NNSA’s role as part of the deterrent.”

These awards of excellence honor an identifiable and significant achievement in providing increased quality; productivity; cost savings; creativity; or enhanced weapon safety, security, or use control.

Dual ceremonies were held in Amarillo, Texas, to honor 10 teams from Pantex and Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to honor three teams of award recipients from Y-12.

Members of the Electronic Derivative Classifier Reviewing Officer System team