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NNSA team members move their feet and reduce their footprint

September 22, 2016

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Today is Car Free Day, and cities across the globe encourage greener travel by finding ways to get around other than driving alone in a car. Car Free Day brings awareness to the benefits of available travel options like walking, public transit, and cycling.

On Car Free Day and every day, NNSA team members reap the benefits of more sustainable commuting around the Washington metro region, including reduced carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and travel expenses.

Steve Goodrum bicycles seven miles to work each day, rain or shine.

Goodrum's bicycle wheels light up for better visibility in the dark.Bicycling

Steve Goodrum, head of Stockpile Management in NNSA’s Defense Programs, bikes seven miles to the office every day.

“I first biked to work the day (former) Energy Secretary Chu encouraged us to join him on Bike to Work Day. I learned safe routes for riding to the Forrestal Building and now I enjoy my seven-mile ride, rain or shine. The daily commute allows me to prepare for the day on my way to work, and unwind on the way home all while saving gas and getting exercise,” Goodrum said.

Shayela Hassan "slugs" and uses Washington's Metro system to make it to work each day.

Metro and “slugging”

Shayela Hassan, an NNSA Graduate Fellow supporting NNSA’s Defense Programs, combines the Washington Metro system with “slugging,” a form of carpooling, to make quick work of her commute.

“I live about 25 miles south of the office and usually rely on the Yellow Line in from the Franconia-Springfield Metro station. But I recently discovered that the afternoon ‘slug line’ that congregates by the GSA office is easy to use, and it gets me back to Springfield in less than 20 minutes! When I have class in the afternoon, I use the Metro to get over to Arlington and back home.”

Marianne Nari Fisher walks to work every day.


Marianne Nari Fisher, an NNSA Graduate Fellow supporting NNSA’s Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Office, walks to work every day.

“Rain or shine – the walking commute between home and Forrestal is a great opportunity to get energized before and after the workday.”