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NNSA sites prepared for disasters using real-time response management system

February 23, 2016

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Pantex Emergency Services now uses the Emergency Management Information System, or EMInS. From left: Maribel Martinez, Brenda Graham and Greg Roddahl.

One of NNSA’s missions is emergency response, so it only makes sense that our sites and labs excel at emergency management on the local level. When an emergency strikes, communicating accurate and timely information is essential to effective response and resource management. Thanks to a system newly implemented at NNSA’s Pantex Plant, superior coordination efforts are the new normal at two NNSA sites—Pantex and Y-12.

The Emergency Management Information System, or EMInS, is a computerized system to manage disaster response. It pulls together meteorological data, site maps, building and material guides, video capabilities, and status boards. EMInS also gives responders in the field an easy means of communicating multifaceted, real-time information with emergency managers in operations centers and other locations.

During its initial implementation at Y-12, site communicators improved the system by adding public information functionality, including social media updates.

“This is all a result of our collaborative team scrutinizing every step and questioning how we could do things better,” said Steven Wyatt, NNSA Production Office public affairs manager about the Y-12 implementation. “EMInS is perfect for delivering information as quickly as possible. Now we’re sharing our successes with sites around the Nuclear Security Enterprise.”

In bringing the system to Pantex, emergency managers are including local responders in cooperative emergency planning. The collaboration via EMInS will help NNSA sites and the local community remain ready in case of an emergency, and effectively communicative during both drills and real events.

Read more about the system’s new implementation at Pantex here.