NNSA’s Mid-Level Leadership Development Program participants took part in training in Kansas City.
NNSA’s Mid-Level Leadership Development Program participants took part in training in Kansas City.

Participants in NNSA’s Mid-Level Leadership Development Program (MLDP) recently took part in a weeklong core training course at the Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC).

MLDP is a yearlong professional development that provides training on leadership skills and competencies needed for individual and organizational success.

The program helps build and retain a highly effective leadership pipeline critical to sustaining NNSA’s mission success,” said S.L. Robinson, Assistant Manager of Office of Mission Assurance in the Kansas City Field Office. “MLDP’s comprehensive curriculum equips participants with essential leadership tools and strategies.”

During the training, participants received an overview of KCNSC and toured the plant’s facilities. Participants also took part in a variety of team development exercises.

Geraldine Duran, an NNSA contracting officer in the program, said the best part of the training was the focus on team development and the tools and ideas provided on how to work in and lead working groups.

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone who aspires to become a leader or manager,” Duran said. “I enjoyed my experience and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to apply. Participants can network with many people within NNSA. I’ve also met some interesting people who work in several different fields that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

MLDP includes a 60-day rotation assignment, mentoring, site visits, core training, and a capstone project to prepare participants to fulfill leadership roles. Participants take five core courses designed to help develop leadership skills and receive an OPM Leadership Education and Development Certificate upon completion.

The program supports NNSA’s goal of developing meaningful and progressively responsible career roadmaps as NNSA strives to be a learning organization – one that promotes employee learning, development, and training that benefit both the agency and the participant. The program also contributes to a strategic succession planning pipeline to develop, recruit, and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce across the Nuclear Security Enterprise.

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