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NNSA’s aviation program swoops in to win 2017 Federal Aviation Program award

September 21, 2017

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NNSA Aviation program managers accept GSA Federal Aviation Program Award. From left: Matt Zuccaro, President & CEO, Helicopter Association International; Leslie Winfield, Nevada Field Office Aviation Manager; Jay Tilden, NNSA Deputy Under Secretary for Counterterrorism & Counterproliferation; Richard Fischer, Manager, Remote Sensing Laboratory Andrews; Donald Schuessler, Manager, Aviation Section; and Robert Galloway, Director Aviation Policy, GSA.

Les Winfield, Nevada Field Office Aviation Manager, speaking on behalf of the NNSA Aviation Program.NNSA’s aviation program continues to soar on its award-winning streak.

On Thursday, September 14, the General Services Administration (GSA) presented NNSA’s Nevada Site Office (NSO) with the 2017 Federal Aviation Program – Small Category award. Non-Department of Defense federal aviation programs with less than 20 serviceable aircraft are eligible for this award.

NSO and its contract partner the National Security Technologies LLC, earned the accolade for performance in calendar year 2016. The program provides aerial platforms for radiological sensing, aerial multi-spectral measurement, and other homeland-defense-related activities for NNSA and other federal, state, and city governments.

The award recognizes agencies throughout the federal government, with flight programs that demonstrate outstanding effort in support of their agency’s mission. Winning programs are deemed the safest and most efficient and effective, in all aspects of a flight program – aviation management/administration, operations, maintenance, training, and safety.

Annually, one winner is selected by an independent panel of aviation experts in the following categories:

  • Large Aviation Program (21 or more aircraft and Commercial Aviation Services)
  • Small Aviation Program (20 or fewer aircraft and Commercial Aviation Services, as applicable)
  • Aviation Professional in a Managerial/Official Position
  • Aviation Professional in an Operational/Support Position
  • Aviation Professional in an Aviation Safety Position

NNSA Aviation Program awardees and managers display their award. From left: Daniel Blumenthal, DOE/NNSA, Manager, Consequence Management Program; Richard Fischer, Manager, Remote Sensing Laboratory Andrews; Ferrin Moore, Office of Aviation Management, Senior Aviation Policy Officer; Leslie Winfield; Alex Brid, Captain Pilot; Grant Ebner, Captain Pilot; Donald Schuessler; John Crapo, DOE/NNSA, Deputy Manager, Consequence Management Program; Jay Tilden, Jay Tilden, NNSA Deputy Under Secretary for Counterterrorism & Counterproliferation.