Each fiscal year, the NNSA completes an assessment of Management and Operating (M&O) contractor effectiveness in meeting the performance expectations established in their annual Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP). NNSA performance assessments are documented annually in a Performance Evaluation Report (PER), and award fee amounts are documented in a Fee Determination Memorandum. The PERs for most of NNSA’s M&O contractors were released Dec. 19, 2019, and the Performance Evaluation Summaries (PES) were posted on the public website Feb. 6, 2020.

The PER for Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) for FY 2019 was delayed to align the PER and the formal Fee Determination Letter with the schedule for NNSA’s upcoming Gateway Decision regarding a potential two-year contract extension. The CNS contract currently runs through Sept. 30, 2021, as the result of the two-year extension announced in March 2018. The CNS PER was further delayed by the onset of COVID-19 and related activities.

The PES for CNS, like those released earlier this year, is a summary document that features an easy-to-read and transparent award fee scorecard. The summary includes links to the corresponding contract and the PEMP. The award fee scorecard provides the same information documented in the fee determination memorandum including the ratings earned in each of the six performance evaluation goals, at-risk fees available for each, and the final fees awarded by goal. Fixed fee and total fee summaries are provided as well as accomplishments and issues.

Below is the link to the FY 2019 PES for CNS. The yearly evaluation process is an important part of NNSA’s contract management and is designed to ensure that the U.S. Government's needs are met by providing a clear set of goals and honest year-end assessment of progress. As a result of the FY 2019 PER, NNSA has decided not to exercise the option to extend the CNS contract, and the contract will expire on Sept. 30, 2021. 

NNSA is committed to supporting the continued success of both the Y-12 National Security Complex and the Pantex Plant in their unique role in addressing some of the greatest challenges to our nation’s national security. We strongly support their enduring missions and world-class workforce and seek to ensure the long-term health and vitality of these essential production facilities. The important work at Y-12 and the Pantex Plant will continue unabated, and the workforce continues to be our top priority.

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