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NNSA project receives DOE Secretary’s Award for Project Management Improvement

April 13, 2015

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The NNSA Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Security Upgrade Project (NMSSUP) team recently received the DOE Secretary’s Award for Project Management Improvement.  The NMSSUP project team was honored for utilizing a highly disciplined, cost-effective and integrated approach to execute capital asset projects.

NMSSUP was completed last year approximately $2 million under its original budget of $245 million. NMSSUP upgraded security at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Technical Area-55, a facility that houses high-security plutonium assets and operations.

“By delivering NMSSUP under budget, the NNSA and the NMSSUP project team demonstrated the importance of responsibility and accountability,” said NNSA Associate Administrator for Acquisition and Project Management Bob Raines. “Through focused attention to detail, and top to bottom leadership involvement, even a troubled project can be righted when clear expectations are set and all parties accept accountability for their role in project delivery.” 

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About the photo:
From left to right: Mike Hickman (NNSA Director of Projects), Ingrid Kolb (Director, Office of Management), Thomas Whitacre (NMSSUP Federal Project Director), Dave McDarby (Deputy Associate Administrator for Defense Nuclear Security), and Paul Bosco (Director of Acquisition and Project Management).