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NNSA participates in radioactive source security workshop in Kazakhstan

October 18, 2017

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NNSA recently participated in an international workshop in Kazakhstan with stakeholders from government agencies, private industry, and academia to address radioactive source risks in the well logging industry.

The workshop was held as part of a targeted initiative to raise awareness and discuss options to mitigate risks associated with the use of radioisotope-based tools in well logging, which is the process of recording geological data when drilling for mineral exploration. 

Experts discussed security measures and the current research and development efforts involved in replacing radioisotope-based devices with technologies that do not rely on materials that could be used by a terrorist in a radiological dispersal device, also known as a “dirty bomb.”

As a result of the workshop, the participants agreed on the value of reducing security risks associated with mobile well logging tools, and affirmed that close cooperation between all partners involved would strengthen these efforts.

Hosted by the International Science and Technology Center and the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine, the workshop included over 30 participants from the Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine governments, as well as from the well logging industry, scientific institutions, and the International Atomic Energy Agency.