National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSA Office of Acquisition Management improves customer satisfaction

September 19, 2016

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Established in 2011, the NNSA Office of Acquisition and Project Management (NA-APM) has a crosscutting role within the NNSA to deliver best value acquisitions and manage projects on budget and schedule.  Nearly ninety percent of all NNSA mission work is performed via contracts. Within NA-APM, it is the mission of the Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) to acquire the high quality supplies and services needed, on-time and at reasonable prices, to achieve NNSA mission goals. This is most often done through open competition, driving cost-savings and improvements to mission performance.

OAM first conducted a customer satisfaction survey in 2010, prior to the establishment of NA-APM, which revealed opportunities for improvement in meeting customers’ acquisition needs.  The 2015 OAM customer satisfaction survey, which closed in December 2015, shows a significant improvement over the last five years.  OAM’s improvements are attributed to strategic leadership and commitment to be a valued business partner.