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NNSA is making strides to enhance professional development for all employees across the NNSA enterprise through the creation of LearningNucleus, a new and more user friendly learning management system.

“NNSA champions investing in employee professional development,” said Dr. Dave Rude, NNSA’s chief learning officer.  “LearningNucleus is a vital tool that, when fully implemented, will support employees’ learning needs throughout their careers.”

Through the new system, employees can already register for corporate training, review their 2017 training history, and provide feedback on the new system for future improvements and additions. 

Additional features that are already live include the ability to:

  • access a personal learning dashboard using the MyDashboard icon;
  • register for corporately-funded courses;
  • review NNSA’s foundational competencies; and
  • enroll in NNSA’s mentoring program as a mentor or mentee.

NNSA expects to launch additional functions in early 2018, including an expedited log-in process, as well as the ability to view and modify previously approved individual development plans and access to expanded training histories.

LearningNucleus also will have a searchable course catalog. Employees will also be able to complete online courses, receive course completion certificates, track career paths, and develop competencies through the LearningNucleus.