National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSA lab stops bad guys from weaseling into critical infrastructure

March 15, 2016

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Sandia's John Mulder puts the WeaselBoard through its paces on a test apparatus.

Weasels are adaptable, active predators known for being aggressive despite their small size, often threatening animals much larger than themselves. WeaselBoard, the latest technology from NNSA for protecting critical infrastructure, is thus aptly named.

Charged with oversight of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, NNSA controls billions of dollars’ worth of production, manufacturing, and equipment—information that is often classified and must be protected. NNSA’s Sandia National Laboratories developed WeaselBoard to detect and respond against potential attacks.

WeaselBoard’s application in cybertechnology offers security not just for the nuclear security enterprise, but for critical infrastructure across a broad range of industries.

“WeaselBoard allows operators to detect compromises as they are in progress,” instead of relying on signatures of previously cataloged attacks, Sandia’s principal investigator John Mulder said. Monitoring system changes in real-time gives operators a jump on illicit activity in time for them to react, he said.

Learn more about WeaselBoard technology in a Sandia article and on the WeaselBoard site.