Inaugural “NSE Day” is part of nationwide initiative to hire the next generation of nuclear security professionals

WASHINGTON – The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) and Management and Operating partners will host their first-ever Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE) Day at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta Monday, March 25 from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Representatives from NNSA’s laboratories, plants, and sites will be at the recruitment event at Georgia Tech’s student center to present current Federal and contractor career opportunities and explain the exciting missions across the enterprise.

“Mission is our number one priority and people are our number one asset,” said Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, DOE Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator. “We are seeking talented professionals with backgrounds in science, engineering, policy, and program management who have a desire to serve our country and carry out the enduring missions that only NNSA can do.”

This inaugural NSE Day is geared towards current undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral scholars at Georgia Tech, but the event is open to any college students who may be interested in national security work at the cutting edge of science and technology.

“Georgia Tech is a great place to kick off our NSE Day initiative,” said NNSA Associate Administrator for Management and Budget Frank Lowery, who will give a special overview presentation.  “I am very impressed with the talented Georgia Tech alumni on our team.  I look forward to meeting great people during the NSE day to join us in keeping our country safe while expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge, and solving complex challenges.”

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