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NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program Class of 2016

June 9, 2015

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In coming weeks, NNSA will start welcoming the 2016 Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) participants to its workforce. This year, NNSA will bring onboard more than 18 of those highly talented Fellows. On June 18th, Fellows will arrive at all NNSA locations except Forrestal, where the 2016 NGFP program will begin on July 1st.

NGFP is an integral and key aspect of NNSA’s student and entry level employee effort. The program helps NNSA recruit talent from America’s leading academic programs. During that year Fellows get hands on experience with our mission for a full year, and NNSA gets the opportunity to benefit from their skills and ideas. With wide ranging specialties and a strong focus in science technology engineering and math (STEM) and policy making, these individuals possess qualifications helping NNSA build a strong foundation for its future workforce. Many former NNSA NGFP students have made, and continue to make, tremendous contributions across the Nuclear Security Enterprise by joining the NNSA team, labs, and other government organizations. 

The NGFP is funded by the NNSA and is administered by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). While NGFP Fellows work in NNSA offices in the Washington metropolitan area, they are PNNL employees.

If you have the opportunity to work with and interact with the Fellows, share your knowledge and assist them in their time here at NNSA.

Is one of these positions right for you?  To help you decide, please visit the NNSA Graduate Program’s dedicated website for additional information regarding eligibility criteria, application requirements, program timelines, etc.