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NNSA exercises interagency approach to nuclear security in Kazakhstan workshop

January 24, 2018

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Kazakh participants take part in an exercise using a Mobile Detection System.
Kazakh participants take part in an exercise using a Mobile Detection System.

NNSA is continuing its international efforts to deter, detect, interdict, and investigate smuggled radioactive and nuclear materials. In December, NNSA’s Office of Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence (NSDD) conducted a workshop with several Kazakh government agencies responsible for countering nuclear smuggling. The workshop was designed to strengthen Kazakhstan’s own exercise development capability to help evaluate their national detection measures.

The participants were from the Kazakhstan National Security Committee, Border Guard (BG) Service and Academy, State Revenue Committee/ Customs Training-Methodological Center, Institute of Nuclear Physics, and Nuclear Security Training Center. These organizations are the principal stakeholders in detecting and investigating nuclear smuggling incidents in Kazakhstan. The workshop focused on the critical operational procedures and interagency communications that must occur during such an incident.

Workshop activities included equipment demonstrations, discussions, and a final practical exercise. It allowed each agency to practice its own procedures and identify areas for further improvement and coordination. Another outcome of the workshop was recognition of the value of exercises in promoting operational readiness for nuclear counter-smuggling incidents.