KANSAS CITY, MO. –The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) today announced that ownership of over 200 acres of the aging Bannister Federal Complex in South Kansas City was formally transferred in November to Bannister Transformation and Development LLC (BT&D).

“Transferring this property from federal to private ownership was a highly successful team effort involving several local, state and federal government agencies. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen,” said NNSA Administrator Frank Klotz. “We have fulfilled our commitment to Congress and the residents of Kansas City to transfer this excess property in a timely and safe manner. In the process, we are saving hundreds of millions in future tax dollars that the federal government would otherwise have had to spend to decommission the site on its own.” 

BT&D has retained CenterPoint to serve as Project Manager for the demolition and remediation phase, which is expected to take up to six years.  BT&D will demolish obsolete facilities and environmentally restore the property. Environmental restoration will be overseen by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. While the final decision for property use will depend on future customer requirements, BT&D has stated that the property is ideally situated for future development of modern manufacturing and industrial buildings.

“We are excited to start redeveloping the Bannister property,” said BT&D representative Kevin Breslin. “Our team has spent the past three years studying the property and planning this effort. We look forward to our continued partnership with NNSA as well as federal and state regulators to ensure we complete the environmentally responsible redevelopment of this property." 

For more than 70 years, the approximately 300-acre Bannister Federal Complex, located in South Kansas City, has been a major employer and served the nation in support of national security and business administrative services. The two federal owners at Bannister were the Department of Energy and the General Services Administration (GSA). Employees at the DOE-owned Kansas City Plant relocated eight miles south to the Kansas City National Security Campus in 2014 and GSA employees relocated to downtown offices in early 2015. The U.S. Marine Corps will continue to maintain an information technology center on a portion of the property retained by the GSA.


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