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Administrator will deliver keynote speech March 12 in Brussels

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) and the Belgian Federal Agency on Nuclear Control (FANC) will co-host the International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation March 12-14 in Brussels.

The goal of the symposium is to provide an international forum to discuss challenges to insider threat mitigation, share best practices, and encourage additional subscribers to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Information Circular 908-Joint Statement on Mitigating Insider Threats (INFCIRC/908), which is now endorsed by 29 countries and INTERPOL.

“Effectively countering the insider threat is one of the greatest challenges faced by the nuclear security community,” said Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, DOE Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator.  “There is no room for complacency – we must remain aware and vigilant.” 

Insider threats are a concern for facilities that house or transport nuclear and radioactive materials.  As a trusted person, the insider presents a unique problem for security systems because he or she has detailed information about the facility, material, and operating procedures and can take advantage of their access to bypass protection elements to perform acts of sabotage or unauthorized material removal.

“Insider threat mitigation is also important in Belgium and in other European countries.  We are proud to co-host this activity, which will provide a forum for sharing best practices on this important topic,” said Rony Dresselaers, FANC’s Director of Security and Transportation. 

The three-day, working-level event for 200 participants will be highly interactive.  It will use the latest polling software to enable each participant to share their opinions and smaller group sessions for sharing best practices, challenges, and individual insights.  There will also be time to showcase key accomplishments achieved by INFCIRC/908 subscribers.  Participants will be encouraged to engage in interactive scenario-based discussion and debate the implications of policy decisions on insider threat mitigation.  On the final day, participants will discuss and commit to future activities and actions to further insider threat mitigation efforts.                       

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