National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSA awards security professionals across the enterprise

May 17, 2017

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NNSA’s security manager of the year is Shawn Geib of the Kansas City National Security Campus.

NNSA’s Office of Defense Nuclear Security recently announced the recipients of its annual security professional of the year awards and the winners of two new categories: security manager of the year and security team/group award.

Adolofo Meana Jr., a security specialist at the Los Alamos Field Office (LFO), and Dena J. Edwards, the security and safeguards awareness coordinator at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), are winners of the 2016 Bradley A. Peterson Federal and Contractor Security Professional of the Year award, which recognizes Federal and contractor employees whose contributions to NNSA security programs represent excellence and dedication to nuclear security.

Meana developed and implemented report and worksheet templates and administrative guides to standardize operating procedures and reporting. “He has taken an innovative approach to security challenges,” said Jeff Johnson, NNSA’s chief and associate administrator for Defense Nuclear Security. That approach included statistical sampling to assess large data sets and making adjustments to the laboratory’s lock and keys program to ensure effective control of keys.

Edwards implemented a focused workplace violence/active shooter awareness training and comprehensive active shooter preparedness initiative. “The training program has been recognized and shared with other agencies,” said Johnson. More than 1,750 employees took the course last year and a related managers’ training course had more than 130 attendees.

NNSA’s security manager of the year is Shawn Geib, the senior manager of the Security Compliance Department at the Kansas City National Security Campus. Geib identified and eliminated administrative bottlenecks in the processing of electronic questionnaires for investigations processing, shortening the overall clearance time and avoiding $1.8 million in costs for unproductive employee time. “His plans improved the onboarding of new quality engineers and Inspectors by reducing the usual six month time to six to eight weeks,” Johnson said.

The NNSA security team/group award was given to the All Hazards Planning Group at LFO and LANL. The team aligned safeguards and security response with emergency management and response from the onset of an incident through the recovery phase and the return to normal operations while maintaining effectiveness levels. This effort resulted in the formulation of departmental policy that aligns essential programs during emergencies. The All Hazards Planning Group Members are: Brent Belcoff (LFO), Jeff Chavez (LANL), Noel L. Johnson (LFO), Valorie Livesay (LANL), Jason Lujan (LANL), David Miranda (LANL), Donald “Pete” Peterson (LANL), and William “Bill” Purtymun (LANL).