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Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty and Rep. Marcy Kaptur discuss contracting opportunities with Ohio business leaders

TOLEDO, Ohio – The Department of Energy’s Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur held a business roundtable at The University of Toledo Monday.

“During the Cold War, the U.S. government produced the majority of the parts needed for the nuclear deterrent in government-owned, contractor-operated facilities,” Gordon-Hagerty said. “But today NNSA now procures the majority of parts from vendors which provide us with commercial off-the-shelf components. As the Nuclear Security Enterprise is revamped in the coming years, NNSA will need a wide variety of U.S.-produced goods and services.”

Rep. Kaptur sponsored and opened the roundtable, which was attended by more than a dozen local business representatives. She touted Ohio’s 9th Congressional District’s manufacturing capabilities and skilled workforce.

“I thank all of the participants for participating in this valuable roundtable with Administrator Gordon-Hagerty,” Rep. Kaptur said. “This was an opportunity for leaders in our community to learn more from NNSA about how local companies can better fulfill its need for goods and services. Today is the starting point for this conversation. As producers, builders and engineers, the roundtable participants have the ingenuity to safeguard our nuclear security supply chain and to drive our Nation forward.”

Keith Hamilton, NNSA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Acquisition and Project Management, provided an overview of the agency’s general contracting procedures and noted NNSA’s strong record of partnering with Ohio businesses. Since 2006, the NNSA has had over 80 contracts and grants worth about $400 million with vendors and contractors from Ohio.