National Nuclear Security Administration

New Mexico Federal Executive Board awards NNSA Supervisory Contract Specialist Douglas Bergevin with an Excellence in Public Service Award

June 10, 2015

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NNSA Supervisory Contract Specialist and Senior Mediator for the New Mexico Federal Executive Board (FEB), Douglas Bergevin provides volunteer mediation services and promotes constructive conversations for federal agencies throughout the Albuquerque area dealing with workplace conflicts, grievances, and EEO issues.  Acting as a change agent, the impact of his efforts has profound importance in New Mexico to federal agencies seeking alternative dispute resolution services.

The Shared Neutrals Program of which Mr. Bergevin is a member, is a program within the New Mexico FEB that provides mediation as an alternative method to resolve workplace disputes.  The combined resources of the Federal community are shared to provide interagency mediators.  The program’s goal is to resolve workplace disputes at the earliest possible date.  Early resolution results in improved communication within the workforce, a more productive work environment, and reduced cost and time in resolving disputes.  The Shared Neutrals Program estimates between $500K and over $1M in cost avoidance savings to the Federal Government each fiscal year. 

For his volunteer services to the NM FEB, Douglas was recently recognized with a Team Excellence Award for his commitment to public service and dedication to the Federal community at the New Mexico FEB 2015 Excellence in Public Service Recognition Awards Ceremony on May 21, 2015.  In conjunction with the ceremony Mr. Bergevin also received recognition from Senator Martin Heinrich, NM for "extraordinary contributions you make to the National Nuclear Security Administration and the nation every day.”

In addition to his service as a Senior Mediator, Mr. Bergevin serves as a Lead Contracting Officer who manages the NNSA Services Acquisition Branch located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Washington, D.C.  He oversees staff that place and administer contracts and agreements that satisfy NNSA requirements for services.  His staff is instrumental to meeting various NNSA missions through acquiring and managing information technology, engineering, research and development, security, environmental, maintenance, and other professional and non-professional services.

The National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Acquisition and Project Management (NA-APM) is grateful and congratulates Mr. Bergevin for his outstanding dedication and service to the U.S. Government which resulted in being honored with the New Mexico FEB’s Excellence in Public Service Award.  Mr. Bergevin’s extraordinary contributions advance the goals of the Agency through solution-oriented, cost efficient, and constructive strategies that strengthen community relationships in New Mexico.