National Nuclear Security Administration

Nearly 20 new NNSA employees complete two-day onboarding program in Albuquerque

March 29, 2016

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Several of the participants at the NNSA 1st Year Program’s training session took the opportunity to visit nearby Sandia National Laboratories while in Albuquerque. Gathered at the the Microsystems & Engineering Sciences Applications complex with a statue of Willis Whitfield, the inventor of the clean room, are from left: Timothy Alvarado (Nuclear Production Office), Hazel Rosenthal (Office of Acquisition and Project Management), Kerri Wilson (Nuclear Production Office), Ashley Wach (Office of Defense Programs), Rita Varley (Office of Acquisition and Project Management), Ryan Le-Doux (Nuclear Production Office), Randall Horst (Nuclear Production Office), Linda Vickers (Nuclear Production Office), in back is Jason Armstrong (Nuclear Production Office), Mike Sterling (Nuclear Production Office), Nathan Morley (Office of Safety, Infrastructure and Operations), Sarah Hammond (Office of Acquisition and Project Management), and Bernadette Kerkhoff (Office of Acquisition and Project Management).

Nearly 20 new agency employees participated in the NNSA 1st Year Program’s 2-day training session “Building Your Foundation” at the NNSA Albuquerque Complex earlier this month. The program is part of NNSA’s OneLeadership Initiative and was established to help integrate new employees into the organization and provide them with the tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive. The onboarding program includes various activities occurring over a period of 12 months with the goal of improving employee performance, increasing employee engagement, increasing employee retention and accelerating productivity. The “Building Your Foundation” training session is offered twice a year and is geared to providing new employees with insights into NNSA’s mission as well as reviewing important information new employees need to know like the agency's Pay Banding and Performance-Based Pay Adjustments Demonstration Project and career development opportunities. In addition to information sharing and networking, the course is yet another way to officially welcome the new employee and help NNSA build a strong foundation for its workforce.