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Los Alamos National Laboratory earns NNSA building sustainability award

November 8, 2017

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From left, Wayne Evelo, NNSA Green Building Program Manager; Ron McMahan, Los Alamos Field Office’s Building Manager; Jody Pugh, Assistant Manager for Nuclear Security Missions and Ahmad Al-Daouk, Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Enterprise Stewardship.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the Los Alamos Field Office have advanced the effort toward modern and efficient Nuclear Security Enterprise infrastructure and earned NNSA’s High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB) award.

They join other NNSA sites in making progress towards sustainable federal building goals.

Eight more buildings at LANL now meet the Federal Guiding Principles for sustainability and exemplify high standards in:

  • Energy performance
  • Water efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Facility and Waste Operations Division Office Building

“This is a great accomplishment. Less than seven percent of NNSA’s buildings can claim that they meet the High Performance Sustainable Building standards. Current and future occupants of these buildings will benefit from their enhanced performance” said James J. McConnell, NNSA’s associate administrator for the Office of Safety, Infrastructure and Operations.

In order to maximize energy efficiency, each of the buildings was evaluated and specific elements were optimized to achieve the required standards. This included the addition of occupancy sensors on lighting, and ensuring HVAC systems were operating at peak efficiency during business hours and in standby mode at night and on the weekends, resulting in significant energy savings.

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Occupational Medicine facility

Some of the buildings updated include: the Los Alamos Field Office, Occupational Medicine building, Weapons Engineering Office, Emergency Operations Center, Facility & Waste Operations building, and the Material Science & Technology building.

Los Alamos National Laboratory's NALA Building 2