National Nuclear Security Administration

Klotz visits Y-12 to see progress on new projects and ongoing work on NNSA's national security missions

June 7, 2016

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Last week, NNSA Administrator Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz (Ret.) visited the Y-12 National Security Complex to check on the status of ongoing projects like the Uranium Processing Facility as well as the site's continuing uranium operations. He also met with the Region 2 volunteers of the Radiogical Assistance Program (RAP).

On his visit, Administrator Klotz saw the continued progress on the ‪Uranium‬ Processing Facility, which will support ‪national security‬ and ‪stockpile stewardship‬. Matt Crookshanks, right, pointed out some of the site preparation under way.

Administrator Klotz joined by the team of RAP Region 2.

Michael Murray, who serves as RAP region 2's senior scientist, briefs Administrator Klotz on the use of the ORTEC Detective, which is a portable gamma-ray detector for nuclide identification. Looking on is Steve Johnson, who serves as regional response coordinator for RAP Region 2.

Joey Marlow of Y-12’s assembly/disassembly operations discusses current work being done at the site with Administrator Klotz.

Abe Mathews, Y-12’s director of assembly/disassembly operations, discusses current work being done at the site with Administrator Klotz.

Team members are vital to keeping the U.S. ‪nuclear‬ deterrent safe, secure, and effective. Roland Seals, right, one of Y-12’s inventors, describes a piece of instrumentation used in the site’s R&D work to Klotz. Looking on is Randy Dziendziel, Y-12 Development manager.

Greg Schaaff of Y-12's Development organization, right, discusses the site’s uranium research efforts with Administrator Klotz. With more than 70 years of handling and securing the material in its many forms, Y-12 is the nuclear security enterprise's leader in all things uranium.

Kevin Lamb of Y-12’s Mission Engineering organization demonstrates aspects of Y-12’s expertise with uranium to Administrator Klotz. Looking on is NNSA Production Office Manager Geoff Beausoleil and Carroll McFall, NPO Associate Deputy Manager for Operations, as well as Randy Dziendziel, Y-12 Development manager.