National Nuclear Security Administration

General Davis kicks the tires on a Safeguards Transporter

October 6, 2015

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Brigadier General Stephen L. Davis, NNSA’s Acting Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, gets a lesson on how to drive a Safeguards Transporter during a recent visit to the Office of Secure Transportation (OST) headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. OST is responsible for transporting nuclear weapons, components and special nuclear materials to Department of Energy and Department of Defense customers throughout the nation.


After his driving lesson at a training pad, General Davis poses outside the vehicle with his instructors and OST management. From left, they are: William Vigil, Senior Federal Agent; Angel Hernandez, Squad Commander; General Davis; Isaiah Bullock, Senior Federal Agent; Mark Jackson, OST Acting Deputy Assistant Deputy Administrator; Fred Roberts, Deputy Director Facility; and Kerry Clark, OST Acting Assistant Deputy Administrator.