National Nuclear Security Administration

Earth Day, Every Day

April 18, 2016

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The 2016 theme for the Earth Day observance raises expectations for everyone: “Earth Day, Every Day.” Instead of observing Earth Day only on April 22, the theme encourages us to think regularly about ways to save energy and live sustainably.

As NNSA celebrates Earth Day this week, its leaders are demonstrating that NNSA is taking the 2016 Earth Day theme seriously. NNSA’s Associate Administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations Jim McConnell explains NNSA’s commitment and progress towards making facilities and infrastructure more sustainable and energy efficient. He also challenged all NNSA team members to commit to doing their part.

“There is always an opportunity for each of us to make a small change at home or on-the-job and see improvements,” McConnell said. “It’s the small increments that make a big difference over time. We each have an opportunity to be good stewards of the Earth every day.”

In response to McConnell’s challenge, NNSA team members will make personal pledges this week to protect the Earth’s resources both at home and at work. Such pledges might include changes such as adjusting our thermostats and expanding our recycling to turning off unneeded lights and electronics.

Learn more about the efforts throughout the NNSA enterprise to be more sustainable, the climate and energy work done at NNSA’s labs and sites, and the ways a personal commitment can help the Earth.