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Charter school on Sandia's doorstep gives students hands-on experience in STEM

December 30, 2015

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A math project at the school included cake baking. The approach to education is interdisciplinary, pulling subjects like algebra, physics, and language arts into a single, hands-on assignment.

Technology Leadership High School, a public charter located close to Sandia National Laboratories and technology-based businesses, opened in August with 90 students in grade 9. The school will add a grade level each year until it reaches 12th grade.

Sandia donated refurbished laptop computers and other equipment, and its scientists are working with the school's teachers on curriculum.

“Our focus is to engage students who have been disengaged, students who might fall through the cracks at traditional schools,” said Velina Chavez, director of community engagement. “We know students can succeed, and it’s great to see that happen.”

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