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In July 2013 and with President Obama’s approval, Held stepped in to serve as the Acting Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator. He provided exceptional leadership during a critical 10 month period, helping to craft a realistic NNSA budget, working effectively with the Nuclear Weapons Council and Congress, and enhancing communications and trust between DOE headquarters and field elements to advance national security missions. In May 2014, he returned to the Office of the Secretary as a Senior Advisor, providing trusted counsel on nuclear governance, lab management, cyber security and other matters. He championed the importance of organizational culture for our mission effectiveness across the entire department and worked tirelessly to enhance that culture in the public service tradition.

Held served as Director of DOE’s Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence from 2009-2012, presiding over a transformation of that organization. His experience in the field from 2002-2009 at DOE’s Sandia National Laboratory as the Chief of Counterintelligence provided him the perspective that won support from the laboratory scientific community.

An accomplished author, Held is the recipient of the Secretary of Energy’s Exceptional Service Award, a career National Intelligence Superior Service Medal from the Director of National Intelligence, and the NNSA Gold Medal. Before coming to DOE, Held spent three decades with the Central Intelligence Agency as a clandestine operations officer. He served in challenging circumstances as Chief of Station in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.