National Nuclear Security Administration

Administrator visits California to speak, review sites' NNSA missions

July 6, 2016

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NNSA Administrator Gen. Frank Klotz (Ret.) visited California on an extended trip last week, where he met with lab directors, visited facilities, talked to team members, and spoke on a panel.

Klotz started the week at Stanford University by meeting former Secretary of State George Shultz and Dr. Sidney Drell, Deputy Director Emeritus of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, who were able to share their wisdom on nuclear security policy.

Next was a visit to the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, where E.O. Lawrence's 184-inch cyclotron once stood. ALS produces soft X-ray beams for scientific research. His host was Dr. Roger Falcone, ALS Division Director.

Berkeley Lab's Rick Russo shows Gen. Klotz how NNSA-funded laser science allows rapid ID of material in the field.

Berkeley Lab's Gregory Bizarri shows Gen. Klotz the NNSA mission work being done on scintillating crystals. These crystals blink when exposed to radiation, making radiological detection easier.

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Gen. Klotz and NNSA Principal Deputy Administratory Madelyn Creedon thanked Radiological Assistance Program Region 7 volunteers for their selfless service. RAP teams nationwide protect America.

Administrator Klotz gave an all-hands speech to team members at Livermore Lab. He talked about NNSA's accomplishments and Livermore's role in them.

While at Livermore, Administrator Klotz  had lunch at the Livermore Field Office's annual barbecue, where he talked with several team members (and enjoyed the food!).

During the barbecue, Gen. Klotz congratulates the Livermore Field Office's Chris Amaden for gathering 600 pounds of food for ‪the Feds Feed Families‬ charity. Well done, Chris!

Administrator Klotz capped off the week by speaking on a panel at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco. He and Zachary Davis of Livermore Lab discussed  nuclear security accomplishments since 2009.