National Nuclear Security Administration

Acquisition and Project Management Office volunteers get up-close look at Office of Secure Transportation exercise

December 9, 2015

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From left, Tamra Barela, Chelsea Murphy, Tracy CDeBaca and Clay Burgess.

Contracting professionals from the NNSA Acquisition & Project Management (APM) Field Program Section (FPS) recently served as role players for Office of Secure Transportation (OST) training exercises in Arkansas and Oklahoma. OST Federal Agents transport U.S. nuclear weapons, components and special nuclear materials throughout the U.S. The APM volunteers helped OST create real-life training scenarios to enhance the skills of Federal Agents in working with civilians and mitigating any risk of terrorist activities during their convoys. For example, during the scenarios an opposing force might sabotage or attempt to sabotage a convoy to which the agents must respond.

The training not only provided the OST agents with motivated volunteers to assist with their training, but also provided FPS contracting staff an up-close look at the OST mission that they support. Through these exercises FPS gained hands-on insight into the vehicles, protective gear and weaponry that OST uses to keep the nuclear stockpile safe. Participants from FPS were Tracy CDeBaca, Clay Burgess, Chelsea Murphy, Tamra Barela, and Chris Grubbs.

Ms. CDeBaca said, “This training made an impact on me by showing the importance of the products and services that are contracted and purchased by APM-12 and gave me insight that what we do on a day-to-day basis is extremely important to the missions carried out by the agents. The work that we complete in contracts is more than just pushing paper and creating files. I had the opportunity to learn and see things that I would have never been able to experience outside of this training opportunity. I cannot thank OST and APM-12 management enough for providing this training opportunity.”