Categorical Exclusion Determinations

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To further transparency and openness in its implementation of the NEPA process, DOE established a policy and, subsequently, requirements under the Department’s NEPA regulations (10 CFR Part 1021) and NEPA Order (DOE Order 451.1B) to document and post online its categorical exclusion (CX) determinations involving classes of actions listed in Appendix B to Subpart D of 10 CFR Part 1021.

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You may browse the determinations on DOE Program, Field, and Site Office websites containing the CX determinations required to be posted under DOE's CX policy (click here for this option), or view them directly on this website using the menu choices below.  (Note that CX determinations issued before November 14, 2011, were based on an earlier version of DOE's NEPA regulations and the text for a given CX may differ from the current version.  To view text of categorical exclusions as they were in the earlier version click here.)

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