Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, March 2012

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This issue features successful practices from recent NEPA reviews and current Council on Environmental Quality initiatives promoting efficient NEPA compliance.  

Articles in this issue include:

  • Keys to Managing an Expanded NEPA Workload
  • Recent NEPA Reviews Ilustrate Lessons Learned
  • NEPA Order Revision Incorporates Public Review of EAs
  • Bureau of Reclamation Updates NEPA Handbook
  • CEQ Expands NEPA Modernization  Activities
  • CEQ Draft Guidance Promotes Efficiencies
  • CEQ Selects Pilot Projects
  • DOE-Wide NEPA Contracts Update
  • NEPA Contracts: Task Ordering Process
  • Most DOE EISs Involve Cooperating Agencies
  • Annual Planning Summaries
  • Transitions
  • Litigation Updates
  • 2012 National Environmental Justice Conference
  • Training Opportunities
  • NAEP Annual Conference
  • EAs and EISs Completed this Quarter
  • Cost and Time Facts
  • Recent EIS-Related Milestones
  • Questionnaire Results